The Most Fantastic Story of the Century

“Hey man.” “Hey man.” “What’s goin on?” “Well. You won’t believe it if I tell you.” “Go ahead man, I wanna hear it.” “Nah, you don’t wanna hear it.” Pause. “Come on, man, what?” “Its too crazy, I can’t tell you. It’s too fantastic, oh man. This is too wild for words man. I mean. […]

The Silence of the Rag Doll

She came floating through the room in the arms of……..Ken. My dear friend Ken, was heroically transporting her to fresh air. Her dress was barely holding on or covering anything, and she was wearing no underwear, which was a detail that almost certainly did NOT escape anyone. Of course, the damsel in distress, rescued by […]

Please No More Balloons

He was laying face down in front of the laundry mat. Face obscured in his hoody he was COMPLETELY passed out. A young man in his early 20’s I would guess, he was COMPLETELY thrashed. His bare feet scraped and bloody with large rotted brown overgrown toenails on his big toes like claws. He was […]

Our Religious Leaders

So there I was sitting with Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and Vishnu all together watching a game show eating cheese doodles. The world’s top religious leaders with cheese doodles stuck in their beards like homeless guys. Moses said, “Look at the way these people crawl over each other to win this stupid prize!” There was […]

The Shrine in the Smog

Usually there’s this desert nomad, strangely seated, no, eternally trapped, in this bizarre chamber. Sometimes I almost see the ghosts of camels lumbering by. “What you need?” asked the desert nomad, no doubt hardened by years roaming the desert in search of water. “Um, well, since this is a smog check ONLY facility, lets just […]