We are an equal opportunity surrealist blog site.  We embrace many different surrealist points of view without preference or bias.  If anything offends you or disturbs you we apologize but this is the nature of free speech and surrealism.  We will not publish anything supporting hate crimes, racism or just plain dogma.  We are curating very carefully but if something DOES offend you or piss you off, please feel free to leave a respectful comment and we will be sure to review the content in question.

When it comes to surreal religion and/or spiritual surrealistic concerns, I find that humor is the most important thing by far.  Anything that doesn’t somehow lead to a smile or laughter is not a good religion or spiritual practice in my view, and is perhaps an empty surrealism.  I do hereby and forthwith permit humor to be a central component and requirement for any serious religion to be truly taken seriously.   For any true spiritual practice or philosophy to exclude or deny humor or happiness is to deny God.  Allow it.  Stop the killing and start the laughing and the smiling.  Any writing that does not further this aim is of very little consequence.  By my reckoning, Mark Twain would be eligible for sainthood.

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